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Since I was a little girl I have always had an affinity for Magic. The world around me has always spoken at high decibels through the plants, animals, elements, and the natural environment. I love stories about witches, magic, spiritual journeys into mysterious places where anything is possible, and the ability to make change at will, thus devouring movies or shows that portray women with wise, powerful, and sensual skills.

Yet there has always been something unbalanced and missing in these stories for me. The magical woman could be spiritual or sensual, but not both. She could be powerful but not wise, creating a tension around which one she would become. In these times women are coming into a renewed sense of awareness coded with a wild essence which activates the magic within, bridging the gaps between wisdom, power, medicine, magic, and sensuality. This communication is what I am passionate about sharing with you!

I have spent my life studying natural healing, plant medicine, women's mysteries, learning from various shamanic traditions, and implementing Ancient Wisdom techniques in order to heal current and ancestral traumas in order to thrive with authenticity. The Wild Woman Medicine Path is one that doesn't just return you to magic, it up-levels your entire life! I am here to guide and support your unique Journey!


Seven Crow

Seven Crow is a Spirit Medicine Specialist, Integration & Wellness coach, as well as, a multi-talented healer with over 25-years of experience supporting clients through their journey to wholeness, health, and embodiment. Seven has studied ancient shamanic mysteries since she was a child, with a background in medicinal plants, Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, Birthkeeping, mental health, and Women's Mystery Traditions. Seven has devoted her life to aligning with her deepest soul calling - to bring alignment between the medicinal, magical, sensual, spiritual, wise, and powerful by helping people embody a thriving life! She honors her own mixed heritage while fusing energy medicine with ancient practices she has learned around the world! Seven has lived all over the world learning & teaching in  places such as, the Sacred Valley of Peru for 7 years before relocating to Oaxaca, Mexico to continue sharing her gifts. She is a proud mama to a very spirited and awakened child of the New Earth.


"You are the Medicine you seek.."

We are in the midst of the Great Awakening, and many women are hearing the Call of the Wild Medicine Woman to discover and reclaim their Wisdom, Power, Magic, & Sensuality.

It is my passion to support your Journey along your unique Medicine Path! Learn about Plant Medicine, clearing Shadow Archetypes, mastering your energy for greater manifestation, connect with the Elements & gain Allies, create a personalized Medicine Wheel, and develop your unique Medicine Woman style in order to live a magical life! I am here to help you BIRTH your own connection to medicine and magick so you can courageously live the life you desire, and pursue your sacred mission with vitality and abundance.


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The Rise of The Medicine Woman is upon us! Unfortunately, many women have lost touch, never learned, or have forgotten their connection to Spirit Medicine due to hyper-masculine spiritual philosophies of the old paradigm.

The Wild Woman Medicine Community provides a FREE monthly Masterclass to Awaken your connection with Ancient Wisdom in Modern forms, birthing the New Earth! Learn about shamanic technologies from around the world, co-create community, and learn to embody your WISDOM, POWER, MAGIC, & SENSUALITY!  Join the tribe here!


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