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Since I was a little girl I have always had a connection to Nature, animals, plants, and well...All My Relations. When things are challenging or I need clarity, the Great Spirit all around me speaks up with messages in a language I can understand perfectly. Perhaps it is a natural gift, or due to the amazingly gifted teachers & Elders I have been blessed to work with, or plant medicine, or overcoming trauma. Regardless this communication is what I am passionate about sharing with you!

I have spent my life studying natural healing, plant medicine, learning from various shamanic traditions, and implementing Ancient Wisdom techniques in order to heal current and ancestral traumas in order to thrive with authenticity. The Spirit Medicine Path is one that all people can connect with regardless of having indigenous blood or an adoption into a lineage. I am here to guide and support your unique Journey!

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Seven Crow

Seven Crow is a Spirit Medicine Specialist, and a multi-talented healer with over 20-years of experience supporting clients through their journey to wholeness, health, and wellness. Seven has studied ancient shamanic mysteries since she was a child, with a background in medicinal plants, Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, Birthkeeping, mental health, and feminine empowerment. Seven has devoted her life to aligning with her deepest soul calling - to honor her own ancestral lineages and to purify her spirit while fusing energy medicine & wisdom from shamans high in the Andes of Peru, the Northern Tribal practices, and Eastern modalities. Seven has lived in the Sacred Valley of Peru since 2012, and is a proud mama to a very spirited and awakened child of the new earth.

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"You are the Medicine you seek.."

We are in the midst of the Great Awakening, and many people are hearing a call to discover and reclaim their Sacred Wisdom, embody their highest divine vibration, be of greater service to humanity, and fulfill their sacred purpose. This call can reveal itself through seeking out indigenous wisdom, plant medicine, meditation, yoga, alternative medicine, and other forms of spiritual connection returning you to Mother Earth and the Great Spirit.

It is my passion to support your Journey home to the ancient shamanic mysteries that medicine women and men have kept for many centuries. From birthkeeping to herbalism to balancing your 5 energetic bodies, nutrition to Reclaim Your Temple, and a personalized Journey around the Medicine Wheel to deepen your Spirit Medicine Path! Together we are here to help you BIRTH your own connection to Spirit so you can courageously live the life you desire, and pursue your sacred mission with vitality and well-being.


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My passion is helping awakening beings to embody the fullness of their Wisdom, Power, & Magic, connect with their Spirit Medicine, and align with their Soul's Sacred Mission.

Working with the Elements & The Sacred Medicine Wheel means purifying your temple and activating your Spirit connection, so you can receive the full transmission of the awakening Divine Ancient Wisdom

The Age of The Creatrix is upon us!  Unfortunately, many people are not actually EMBODIED, due to over-emasculated spiritual philosophies of the old paradigm. Many people are bypassing the wisdom of the The Great Mother which is the foundational step to feminine & masculine embodiment and healing for all.

The Wise Women Collective provides weekly trainings to ReWild your being, connect with Ancient Wisdom from around the world, co-create community, and teach you to embody your unique Spirit Medicine!  Please join us!!


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