Altars of Wisdom

Plants and the Medicine Path Archetypes of the Sacred Feminine!

10-Week Ceremonial Journey

August 4 - October 6th, 2022

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Welcome to Altars of Wisdom!

Do you desire to deeply embody your feminine wisdom, sensuality, and power?
Do you want more access to your creative, playful, sensual, and abundant nature?
Are you called to the wisdom of plant medicines and how they can become allies, teaching you to channel your energy?
Do you want to clear out Ancestral wounds, traumas, & triggers in order to live a balanced & fulfilling life?
Are you called to practice the sacred arts of ritual, ceremony, and prayer with nature?

Women have always been connected to the changing phases of the moon, the tide, plant medicine, and Nature herself mirroring our own life stages, thus gifting us with intuition, purpose, and magic. We have been called mystics, oracles, priestesses, wise women, and witches as terms of honor.


This connection to our divinity was revered, but now there is a backlash taking place against women. Our rights to accessible health care, how we express our sexuality, and even our choice to have children or not is under siege by outdated toxic patriarchal models. Women are expected to stay small, quiet, young, and dutifully in service to these models by hiding or never learning who they truly are. 


It's time to reclaim our birthright, embodying our wisdom, magic, power, sensuality, and creativity in a world that desperately needs us to embrace our Sacredness. 

You are invited to your initiation at the ALTARS OF WISDOM

~ A Ceremonial Journey for Women ~

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Reclaim Your Feminine Wisdom

The Altars of Wisdom is a map of consciousness, or a medicine wheel, specifically for women, aligned with plant medicine practices and ritual. This medicine wheel gives you the foundation for working with your energy and consciousness based on ancient sacred feminine archetypes, alongside the guidance of powerful teacher plants.

The sacred feminine archetypes go by many names - Maiden, Priestess, Lover, Mother, Witch, Queen, Wild Woman, Warrior, Seeker, Medicine Woman, Wise Woman, Crone, Dream Keeper, Elder, and so forth.

When you know how to transform the shadows of these archetypal energies, you more fully embody your feminine power, creativity, sensuality, and wisdom. With each archetype, we will work with a teacher plant to help guide us to see ourselves more deeply in the transformational journey.

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At the Altar...

  • Journey through the sacred feminine archetypes - recognizing their shadows and their gifts.
  • Learn how to activate the powerful wisdom of these archetypes hidden in the phases of your life.
  • Work with plants, practices, rituals, and ceremonies to fully embody these archetypes.
  • Deepen your relationship with plants through herbal medicine and magic! Learn about plant energetics and connect with six plant teachers.
  • Learn how to use the Altars of Wisdom in everyday life and in the integration of any plant medicine experience.
  • Learn how the moon phases and cycles of your body are connected to your energy and consciousness.
  • Gather collectively with a group of women, creating community, while receiving evolutionary transmissions from mystery traditions, healing generational wounds.
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The Ceremonial Journey

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Week 1: What are Altars of Wisdom?

Understand the language of archetypes and how the phases (or altars) of our life, including the moon, can be used to clear ancestral wounds, triggers, and shadow patterns.

Teacher Plant: Tobacco

Protecting & Grounding

The Priestess

Weeks 2 & 3: First Altar 

A spiritual leader, Oracles, unto oneself/virginal energy, devoted to the Divine/Goddess, dedicated to others, in service, community-oriented but also requires solitude.

Teacher Plant: Cacao

The Heart Opener

The Witch

Weeks 4 & 5: Second Altar

Independent, deeply connected to nature's cycles, sovereign, powerful, non-conforming, eccentric, untamed, birthing/manifestation, creative force.

Teacher Plant: Red Rose

Sensuality & Mystery

The Medicine Woman

Weeks 6 & 7: Third Altar

One with nature, seeker, protector, individuated, evolving, transformation, warrior, shaman, outside social norms, instinctual, intuitive, and between the worlds.

Teacher Plant: Kokha/Coca

The Truth Teller

The Wise Woman

Weeks 8 & 9: Fourth Altar

The Elder/Crone, deep knowing, dreamer, weaver, integral, keeper of doorways/crossroads, connected to life, death, rebirth, midwife.

Teacher Plant: Kalea Sacatechichi

The Dream Walker


Week 10: Completion

Integration of the Medicine Wheel, moon phases, herbal medicine, food, and embodiment practices into everyday life.

Teacher Plant: Sage & Palo Santo

Clearing, Protecting, Grounding

  • 10 Live Online weekly Zoom calls (1.5 hr each) ***Recordings will be available***
  • Weekly Practices, Rituals + Ceremonies
  • Journal Prompts
  • Guidance for working with plants + herbs
  • Group support between sessions (Telegram or other)
  • PDFs of all Practices, Rituals + Ceremonies
  • Plant Medicine Supplies:  (Value $150)
    • Plants for the Journey : Amazonian Flower Essence, Teas, Smudging Herbs, Tincture, Peruvian Mapacho, and other goodies!
    • Medicine Bag
August 4 - October 6, 2022
Thursdays, 5- 6:30 pm PST / 8- 9:30 pm EST

Early Bird:  $1300 (sign up by July 14, 2022)
Bring a Friend: $1200  (If you bring a friend, you both get an extra $100 discount!)
Regular Price: $1500
(sign up after July 14, 2022)

***Payment plan available upon request!  Email me. ***

Optional Private 1:1 Support:
In these sessions, you get the opportunity to dive in deeper to your unique body + energy, and how you are embodying these teachings.

2 Private 1:1 Sessions with Seven and Jaime (60-75 min each) + $275

Alejandra ~ USA/Peru

 During my time working with Seven, I have been able to identify and embrace aspects of myself that I was neglecting. She has provided the support and guidance I need to dive deeper into my journey. The tools that she provides have helped me understand how I communicate with Spirit and Plants. The space that is created is safe, nurturing and playful. Seven does an amazing job bridging indigenous wisdom with the ‘modern’ world, the topics that we discuss are communicated in a manner that is easy to digest and the space is safe to ask questions, even when they seem silly.

V.L. ~ USA

Jaime has a powerful ability to guide you gently to a place where you can see yourself more clearly.  She does this with words, body language, the energetic field she creates, and an amazing ability to listen deeply and understand where you are in your process. She helped me focus on acknowledging my innate wisdom and to solidify my boundaries, instead of making them wrong. Her style is both gentle and supportive, and clear and definitive, and her mind is razor-sharp. 

Emma ~ UK/Peru

I have had the honor to work with Seven in her courses, as well as in person in a medicine ceremony and I could not recommended her more highly! She has given me a place to come home to, finding aspects of my self open up, which I have long forgotten and other's I never knew I had in me. Her understanding of Medicine in the physical and spiritual realms is profound, creating safety, trust, and a deep knowing in myself as well as magic! I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with her.

Seven Crow

Seven Crow has been studying plant medicine, women's mysteries, and healing modalities for 30 years. She has degrees in Chinese medicine, herbalism, acupuncture, Functional Medicine, midwifery, massage, medical qigong, nutrition, and psychological counseling.

She has traveled around the world learning indigenous ways, teaching and working in clinics and retreat centers, and helping women embody their health. A trained medicine carrier of huachuma from the Chavin Tradition, she offers ceremonies, retreats, and healing with this cactus.

Seven offers private sessions online and in person, group support, and continues to be a consultant to numerous businesses, clinics, and retreat centers around the world. Seven spent 8 years in Peru before relocating to Mexico to continue her studies in medicinal and magical herbs.

Jaime Lehner

Jaime is a Guide for Consciousness Transformation, Intuitive and Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner. Jaime guides those on a healing and spiritual awakening path through private sessions, group integration work, "soft dietas" and Master Plant Dietas in Peru and India.

​Jaime holds a powerful energetic presence and creates a beautiful space for people to discover their deepest wisdom and truths. She specializes working with clients on deep levels - healing traumas, addictions and outdated patterns of conditioning. She teaches clients awareness and facilitates healing on the level of subtle energy and universal consciousness.

Jaime has been working with Amazonian plant medicines for 12+ years, including more than 3 years living in the Peruvian Amazon, and has spent collectively over a year in traditional plant dieta. Read more of her journey .