Awaken Your Dream Medicine





Awaken Your Dream Medicine is an online self-study course designed to deepen your dreaming skills with the help of Plant Spirit Medicines in order to empower your manifestation, magick, and intuition. This 5-week experience initiates you into your Wisdom, Power, Magic & Sensuality so you can fully align with your WILD WOMAN MEDICINE and embody your Sacred Mission!

  • Understand Dreaming from different cultures around the world
  • Move through the Dream herbs based on Elemental Alchemy
  • Gain tools for Lucid Dreaming & Magical Manifestation
  • An introductory class to deepen your dreaming skills
  • Learn how to make different dream herbal remedies
  • Connect with Four different Plant Spirit Medicines
  • Understand Dreaming Archetypes & Messages

Lucid Dreaming has a presence in different cultures around the world, from modern to ancient times. There are various interpretations of dreams depending on religion and culture, such as Africa, Australian Aboriginals, the Aztecs, the Mayans, ancient Egyptians, First Nations of Turtle Island, Carl Jung, and more. Come join this introduction to Awaken Your Dream Medicine!



Week One - Introduction to Awaken Your Dream Medicine, clean up your diet to receive downloads clearly, learn about the plants we will be journeying with, basic lucid dreaming skills, history of dreaming cultures, understanding archetypes, and the role of the moon!

Earth Dreams

Week Two - Starting with the Earth Element you will be working with the Plant Medicine from the Chontal Maya tribe of central Mexico literally called "the Dream Herb" Calea zacatechichi. This herb is used by shamans and Dreamwalkers to improve mental clarity, walk into other's dreams, and meet Guides or Allies.

Water Dreams

Week Three - In the Water Element we will be working with the Egyptian flower Blue Lotus - Nelumbo nucifera, a plant revered for its intoxicating scent, inducing euphoria and sensuality. Found in many spells in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, this plant was revered as a sacrament.

Fire Dreams

Week Four - The Fire Element is about your passion and joy in the world! Damiana - Turnera diffusa, a known aphrodisiac it reduces anxiety, boosts creativity, opens the body to love-making, and induces lucid dreaming of a loving nature. This herb has been made into mood-enhancing elixirs and love potions for centuries!

Air Dreams

Week Five - The Air Element is connected with communication, prayer, song, and spell-casting. Artemisia vulgaris, more commonly known as Mugwort, has been used in countless cultures around the world. It was in ingredient in the classic "Flying Potion" for European witches and is a primary tool in Taoist & Chinese medicine as Moxabustion.

When you hear the call...

  • Interested in learning about Lucid Dreams 
  • Feeling confused about the next steps in your life or what direction to take along your path
  • Insomnia, lethargy, depression, or apathy, unable to remember your dreams
  • Desiring a deeper connection to Plant Medicines
  • Feel as though you have hit a plateau in your spiritual or manifestation practices
  • Ready for a deeper, personalized approach to your unique Wild Woman Medicine path

Client Testimonials

"I have had the honor to work with Seven in her courses, as well as in person in a medicine ceremony and I could not recommended her more highly! She has given me a place to come home to, finding aspects of my self open up, which I have long forgotten and other's I never knew I had in me. Her understanding of Medicine in the physical and spiritual realms is profound, creating safety, trust, and a deep knowing in myself as well as magic! I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with her."


"I have been working with Seven since the beginning of 2018. Words don’t describe how grateful I am for the work that I have been doing with Seven. During my time working with Seven,I have been able to identify and embrace aspects of myself that I was neglecting. She has provided the support and guidance I need to dive deeper into my journey. The tools that she provides have helped me understand how I communicate with Spirit and Plants. The space that is created is safe, nurturing and playful. Seven does an amazing job bridging indigenous wisdom with the ‘modern’ world, the topics that we discuss are communicated in a manner that is easy to digest and the space is safe to ask questions, even when they seem silly. "

Alejandra M.

"Feeling lost and confused and unworthy I didn’t know where to turn or who to talk to about it all? I felt like I needed a wake up call and help to step into my power and my goddess self. I worked with Seven as a personal coach and her wisdom and love and support means more than words. She sees me more than I see myself and she has helped me to see that and get back to myself. I highly recommend these beautiful mentors - guides - and teachers! Get back to you and Love life again, love your self again!"

Karen Love
Pisac, Peru

"What I love about working with Seven is her ability to adapt and respond to my needs in a way that meets me exactly where I am, allowing me to feel truly seen and heard in my process. Seven has a wealth of experience and knowledge on all levels and shares this wisdom while also holding a strong, supportive and non-judgmental space. Working with her gives me the confidence to travel deep into my healing journey. She is deeply intuitive, a true medicine woman who can see into the multi-dimensional layers of our existence, thus inspiring growth by drawing on her various healing modalities, practical teachings and her incredible sense of integrity. Seven really does bring a sense of magic to what she does, along with humor, fun, and empowerment to the healing journey."

Rachel G.

"I journeyed with Seven into the "Medicine Lands", as she calls it, and my entire world was changed! Magic and spirit realm concepts I have heard about became real in ways I could have never imagined! The re-birthing process I went through was so deep and Seven held the space for me with safety and trust, guiding me without taking the reigns completely. I released old patterns and habits, creating space for my Medicine Woman to come through! Seven is a true Medicine Woman and healer capable on so many levels you know you have met a Wise Woman with an Old Soul. Thank you Seven for everything that you do!"


"Seven has a gift of being able to see past what other can't to help you reconnect with parts you didn't think you could. Her passion can be felt in all she does and works hard to make this difficult time in your life easier for the mind, body and soul. This comes not only from spending time with her but receiving some of her famous treatments while I was in Peru, treatments that were able to balance me out, feel energized and had me thinking cleared, climbing higher and moving further than ever before. Her medicine ceremonies were life-changing, full of magic, and heart-opening in the truest sense. I would definitely recommend her to everyone."

Aaron F.
Toronta, CA

"Seven is a true Medicine Woman of our Times... the kind you seem to only read about in fables. She bridges several spiritual lineages through the lens of science and relevance to The Now. Seven helped me integrate my deepest healing process... my sacred wound journey, with everything from acupuncture and herbalism to her unique Spirit Medicine. She sees the bigger picture of how the body, mind, and spirit are working together to bring harmony, and uses her magic to prescribe tailored treatments for you, with genuine loving care."

Alishina Lightning

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