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Energy Tracking & Archetypes Program

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Welcome to Gateway to Light!

This program unlocks your divine potential through Archetypal Energy Tracking. This incredible Map of Light Consciousness becomes a field guide into the human experience. Understand the Mind-Body-Spirit connection in a transformative way, giving you tools for you or your relationships, to live your most vital life!

This is an online Journey done in  GROUP (1:1 is available)

The Archetypes

Learn the Shadow & Light Archetypes of your Light Body to transform your Consciousness, removing trauma & drama, and resolving Ancestral Wounds.

Light Medicine

Understand Magic & Manifestation on the Light Grid, including how to Alchemize Shadows into Light, Energy Tracking & how to release outdated beliefs.

Polarity Magnetics

Master Masculine & Feminine Energy Dynamics to become magnetic & commanding to your Dreams & Desires, deepen your Relationships, & live with Vitality!

Walking the Shadowlands

In Shamanism, facing oneself is the bravest act of service a person can partake in. Learn to understand the Ancestral traumas, dramas, and challenges that are here for you to clear in THIS lifetime, with tools that clear your energetic body, and upgrade your system.

Consciousness Re-Pattering

You come into this life coded with certain lessons to learn passed down from your Ancestors or past life experiences. Along the way, you also pick up traumas, dramas, and challenges that add to your human experience. These building blocks are not set in stone and can be changed by shifting your Shadows into Light, expanding the Consciousness of your Light Body, thus preparing you for your next level! Learn how to Activate each of these in order to be free of mental-emotional constraints, and truly BE present in each moment.

What is included:

This is a deep dive into your consciousness in order to unlock the places where you hold back in fear, self-judgment, unworthiness, self-sabotage, and doubt. By the end, you will feel more grounded, abundant, and able to use these tools in your everyday life for more satisfying (and less triggering) relationships.

  • 3 months of weekly Two-hour group classes with  Q&A, available to you for download and replay
  • Course material on the Four Shadow and Four Light Archetypes
  • Downloadable PDF materials of  guidance and homework questions
  • Private FB Group to discuss & share with the community
  • Access to all materials (and future updates) in a sleek online format
  • Understand Masculine & Feminine energetics, and how to activate these energies in your life
  • Learn to track energy in the Light Body to remove entities, negative thought patterns, and rewire your consciousness

Unlock Your Divinity!

Join the leaders in Consciousness learning about Light & Dark Medicine for the New Earth!

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