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Your Wild Mysteries

Deep dive into the inner landscape of Women's Sexual & Sensual Mysteries through this unique 8-week ceremonial microdosing journey just for women! Microdose with master plant medicines to create spirit allies, and co-create a community with like-minded women! This is a comprehensive and active Group Program starting:

Full Moon July 3, 2023 - Blue Moon August 31, 2023

*Limited Spaces*

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Re-coding with Microdosing

Create allyship with plant medicines through microdosing in this modern-day vision quest to reset your nervous system, connect with nature, detoxify your body, and remove triggers. This holistic approach to changing your maps of consciousness through an archetypal lens is tailored to you for ultimate transformation!

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Nourish the Spirit

Receive a Wild Woman upgrade, tailored to you, by understanding the messages of the Five Energetic Bodies allows you to decode your health on a multitude of levels for overall vitality and wellness. Coupled with bio-hacking, plant medicine, and the Archetype Map of Consciousness for total transformation!

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Gateway to Light

This is a Light Archetype program to deep dive into your consciousness to heal trauma, clear triggers & Ancestral wounds all the while strengthening your manifesting skills, boosting confidence, and nourishing healthy relationships. This is a microdosing plant medicine program, however can be transformational without medicine as an integration program. Group and 1:1 available.

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Temple of the Moon

This group program is designed to bring you into deep communion with your moon cycle at any age! Learn the archetypes of the Moon Lodge and how they can support the portals of transformation each woman walks through. Understand nutrition, herbs, hormones, and moon cycles to align yourself with your Lunar gifts. This program contains different Rose plant dietas connected to each archetype. 


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Mystery School

1:1 Mentorship and an upcoming group program for deep study into the Women's Mystery Traditions. Herbal medicine, moon wisdom, archetypes, Dark Feminine, deep dive, hormones, nutrition, and Temple Arts. This will be a 13 moon-year long program into women's shamanic wisdom.


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Wild Woman Medicine is...

YOU. It is the portal of transition between the archetypes of Mother and the Wise Woman. She is the Medicine Woman, the Spirit of the Forest, the moon, and She is connected to the cycles of nature. She is the place within you that longs for wisdom, sensuality, empowerment, and magick. She is calling to you.  

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