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My name is Seven Crow. I am a Spiritwalker, a Medicine Woman, and a Wild being here to support YOU to Embody Your Medicine!


While I have always studied medicine, herbs, plants, shamanic and ancient mystery traditions, I always felt there was something missing for me as a woman. Medicine paths appeared to lean in opposite directions, towards physical science or spiritual seeking. I wanted the bridge between the two, the space of in-between that allowed the embodiment of both within me.

After years of struggling with trauma, mental health issues, stress, anxiety, and a general feeling of living on the edge of the circle, I decided to take matters into my own hand and forge the path myself, deeply healing the rift I had felt. Now I use the same powerful techniques to help others find inner peace.

About Seven Crow & Wild Woman Medicine


After decades of studying in the United States & abroad in formal education, apprenticeships, and with Elders, in 2011 Seven Crow officially left the United States to deepen her studies of herbs, plant medicines, and traditional practices of shamanism, women's health, and consciousness. She has traveled around the world studying, working with, and learning from locals and Elders, in such countries as Thailand, Nepal, Tanzania, Zanzibar, England, Canada, Cambodia, India, Bolivia, Columbia, and Mexico before settling in Peru for 8 years.

Born out of this passion for plants, consciousness, health, and women's mysteries, and her own personal journey reclaiming her sexuality, healing trauma, anxiety, and ancestral wounds, and her dedication to the Medicine Path, Seven began to spin a new web of possibilities for the Awakening Consciousness...and this is how Wild Woman Medicine was born.

Seven's passion for plants was passed down through the generations guiding her to work with many great herbalists, Medicine people, curanderas, and maestros since she was a child. Her dedication over the last 30+ years has been to the intersection between healing and spirituality, and how this heals many conditions, including physical and mental health. She hold's a Master's degree in Chinese Medicine and is finishing a doctorate in the same field. She worked in mental health in various capacities for 15 years, before moving to Peru to deepen her studies of plant medicines for holistic health. Seven no longer works with midwifery or birthing practices, choosing to work with women in the Wild Woman and Wise Woman phases of life by continuing her studies in Functional Medicine, herbalism, plant medicine, shamanic energy work, and archetype work.

Seven Crow has been living in Oaxaca, Mexico since late 2019 learning more about the local practices, plants, and fungi. She is a proud mama to a spirited and awakened child of the New Earth. 

Chela ~ USA

Working with Seven was a transformational experience for me. The education she provided about microdosing was exactly what I was looking for from a program. It was comprehensive, including history, science, somatic work, shadow work, integration and so much more. Everything I felt I needed to be well informed as a provider! No other program resonated.

Alejandra ~ USA/Colombia

I am honored to have come across Seven's offerings, working with her has been critical to my life. During our time together I learned about the rich history of women in shamanism, how to collaborate with plant allies from a place of integrity & deep listening. I also learned about a range of tools that I could use to integrate/transmute my unconscious patterns & cultivate a relationship with my essence. The work we did together was practical, embodied, timeless, and continues to be foundational to my life.

Emma ~ UK

Working with Seven is like encountering the MAiden, Mother, & Crone in the same person. Open, curious, funny, sensual, and inspiring! I understand what she means by the Wild Woman Phase because she embodies it so perfectly with humor and ease. I found myself drawn into her stories only to realize later they were profound lessons. I highly recommend any of her programs!

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