Wild Woman Medicine



Wild Woman Jaime

Shamanic Practitioner, USA

Courses: Ayahuasca Allyship Traning, Gateway to Light, Wild Woman Medicine Mentorship

Seven has been absolutely instrumental in supporting me to step more fully into my work in the world. As a medicine woman, I'd been struggling with synthesizing all I've learned and showing up in confidence. Working with Seven 1:1 through several of her programs & trainings has given a new breadth to my work with myself and others and anchored me in more confidence! She has wide and deep wisdom that I find missing in our modern world - from herbal medicines, women's health, plant medicine, Chinese medicine, dreaming, and archetypal shadow work. She integrates it all into her unique magic that has given me new perspectives, new tools, new practices, and a grounded, embodied approach to being a medicine woman in the modern world. And she's a lovely, wise & fiery powerhouse who loves to teach & share!

Wild Woman Emma

Doula & Herbalist, UK 

Course: Healing the Trinity Wounds

Working with Seven is like encountering the Maiden, Mother, & Crone in the same person. Open, curious, funny, sensual, and inspiring! I understand what she means by the Wild Woman Phase because she embodies it so perfectly with humor and ease. I found myself drawn into her stories only to realize later they were profound lessons. I highly recommend any of her programs!

Wild Woman Anastasia

Herbalist & Marketing Specialist, USA / Costa Rica

Course: Gateway to Light

Gateway to Light was a gift from my partner, who has previously completed the course and loved it! And it really is a gift that keeps on giving. It is rare to instantly feel so at home with a person you’ve just met. Having Seven playfully guide me through the four Light Archetypes has been illuminating (pun intended). Seven’s phenomenal sense of humour, raw relatability and ability to put anyone at ease are disarming, and have really supported me throughout this course.

Wild Woman Alejandra

Bodyworker & Shamanic Practitioner, USA / Colombia

Course: Wild Woman Medicine Mentorship

I am honored to have come across Seven’s offerings, working with her has been critical to my life. It has been a couple of years since I worked with Seven and the ripples from our time together continue. During our time together I learned about the rich history of women in shamanism, how to collaborate with plant allies from a place of integrity and deep listening. I also learned about a range of tools (dream work, dietas, archetypes..) that I could use to integrate/ transmute my unconscious  patterns and cultivate a relationship with my essence. Working with Seven is rooted in integrity, reverence and remembrance. The work that we did together was practical, embodied, timeless and continues to be foundational to my life.

Wild Woman Angie

Body Temple Priestess, Integrative Dietitian, USA

Courses: Psilocybin Allyship Training, Huachuma Allyship Connection, Altars of Wisdom

Seven is an incredible medicine woman’s mentor and guide. Our work has given me the space to truly come into allyship with the plants that have called me—an element that my shamanic training set me up very well for, but did not specifically provide. Working with Seven has also taken me to a whole new level feminine embodiment and given me incredible wisdom and tools to support my clients to truly integrate non-medicine initiatory experiences and work with plant medicines. Seven is a wealth of knowledge and a powerful medicine woman herself, with many years of embodied experience, which is highly evident in the way she shows up, teaches, and holds space. If you are wanting to go to the next level as an embodied medicine woman, and you are calling in a guide who offers a blend of science and spirit, I highly recommend working with Seven!

Wild Woman Rachel

Social Worker, Australia

Course: Wild Woman Medicine Mentorship

What I love about working with Seven is her ability to adapt and respond to my needs in a way that meets me exactly where I am, allowing me to feel truly seen and heard in my process. Seven has a wealth of experience and knowledge on all levels and shares this wisdom while also holding a strong, supportive and non-judgmental space. Working with her gives me the confidence to travel deep into my healing journey. She is deeply intuitive, a true medicine woman who can see into the multi-dimensional layers of our existence, thus inspiring growth by drawing on her various healing modalities, practical teachings and her incredible sense of integrity. Seven really does bring a sense of magic to what she does, along with humor, fun, and empowerment to the healing journey.

Wild Woman Lauren

Herbalist & Artist, USA

Course: Sananga Journey Deep Dive

I’ve really enjoyed the 30-day sananga journey with Seven. While it‘s challenging, I’ve found myself looking forward to my nightly ritual with the medicine. I was surprised at how quickly I noticed more clarity, deeper sleep, and lucid dreams. The medicine also helped relieve my anxiety and taught me many lessons. Thank you Seven for guiding me — you’re such a gem and I‘ve loved working with you!

Wild Woman Nina

Nurse & Shamanic Practitioner, UK

Course: Re-coding with Psilocybin - Wild & Wise Program

As a nurse I am trained in hormones and women's health, however Seven's approach to the female system was highly unique! Her blend of science, spirituality, mysticism, diet, plant medicine, and archetypes was truly holistic, giving me a deeper understand of my cycles. On top of this, I began to understand my energy levels connected to my cycles and how to honor myself in ways that had never occurred to me before. Her framing of the 40's to 50's (Wild to Wise) as a stage of initiation has been life-changing in how I view myself, and has given me deeper spiritual connection to this phase of my life. This coupled with the microdosing allyship was exactly what I needed to get out of my depression and heal my cycle issues. I highly recommend working with Seven! 


Wild Woman Chela

Shamanic Practitioner, USA

Courses: Psilocybin Allyship Traning, Huachuma Allyship Connection, Altars of Wisdom

Working with Seven was a transformational experience for me. The education she provided about microdosing was exactly what I was looking for from a program. It was comprehensive, including history, science, somatic work, shadow work, integration and so much more. Everything I felt I needed to be well informed as a provider! No other program resonated.

Wild Woman Tara

Microdoing & Menstrual Awareness Coach, USA

Course: Mapping Earth & Sky with Microdosing

Working with my natal chart alongside a microdosing program with a plant-specific to my needs was LIFE CHANGING! Not only was Seven's wisdom profound but her witty, intelligent, and kind soul created a space for me to go deep into my own healing without feeling judged. I found layers to myself I didn't know I was holding and released them with ease.

Learning about my constitution from this combined standpoint gave me clarity in areas of my health and nutrition I had been confused about. Having tried many different modalities, I can say that her unique approach combining Chinese medicine, psychedelics, herbs, astrology, and channel theory was mind-blowingly on point! Highly recommended!

Wild Woman Sanna

Nurse Practitioner, UK

Course: Mapping Earth & Sky with Microdosing

As a medically trained person who is scientifically minded, I am eternally grateful for Seven's wide breadth of knowledge, skill level, and experience. She has a gift for merging modern and ancient wisdom in a way that makes complete sense with practical applications.

My skepticism about plant and fungi medicines as adequate support modalities for perimenopausal symptoms quickly shifted as my sleep and concentration improved. When she layered herbs and supplements into the mix with expert awareness, my hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and mood swings abated. I am deeply grateful for my time with Seven and highly recommend her to everyone.

Wild Woman Mimi

Health Coach & Herbalist, Australia

Course: Mapping Earth & Sky with Microdoing

I completed the six-week microdosing journey with a plant specific dieta after doing the Mapping Earth & Sky Holiday Special Consultation. I was astounded by the connection between my body, the plants, astrology, and Chinese medicine that Seven made in our session.

Having been on many dietas before in the Amazonian jungle, I liked the idea of doing one at home with support combined with microdosing. This program exceeded my expectations! I felt the connection to the plant and loved that it was based on my constitutional needs. Seven gave me practices to work with and integration techniques to support continued work with the plant. This is a must take journey for anyone interested in plants and personal wellness. Thank you Seven!