Wild Woman Medicine bridges the gap between the physical and the spiritual by supporting your personal embodiment.

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Three portals to explore:

Plant Medicine
Women's Health

Plant Medicine Dietas

Learn how to work with plants at the Spirit level to unlock creativity, wisdom, sensuality, and nourishment on all levels by connecting ancient mystery traditions with modern medicine practices.

 The connection between plant medicine, consciousness, and embodied health is often overlooked, yet is essential to transformation.  


~ Seven Crow ~

Upcoming Programs

In-person, online, and one-to-one options for deepening your medicine practice.

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Your Wild Mysteries

Deep dive into the inner landscape of Women's Sexual & Sensual Mysteries through this unique 8- week ceremonial microdosing journey just for women! Microdose with master plant medicines to create spirit allies, and co-create a community with like-minded women! This is a comprehensive and active Group Program starting:

Dark Moon August 15, 2023 - October 3, 2023!

* Limited Spaces*

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Gateway to Light

This is a Shadow Work program is a deep dive into your consciousness to heal trauma, clear triggers & Ancestral wounds all the while strengthening your manifesting skills, boosting confidence, and nourishing healthy relationships. This is an excellent map of consciousness for uncovering old patterns with the support of plant medicines. 

NEXT UP: Online Group Retreat - Gateway To Light Archetype & Microdosing Program

It Starts November 2023 - Contact us for more details. 

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Nourish the Spirit

This one-to-one program is tailored to your needs combining nervous system and hormone resetting, detoxification, herbal medicine, dietary upgrades, learning to read your Five Energetic Bodies, and a deep dive into your empowered & shadow archetype patterns. PLUS, There is an option to include a microdosing plant medicine experience.



Welcome to Wild Woman Medicine!

My name is Seven Crow. I am a Spiritwalker, a Medicine Woman, and a Wild being here to support YOU to Embody Your Medicine!


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