Wild Woman Medicine bridges the gap between the physical and the spiritual by supporting your journey from wild to wise.

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Plant Medicine Programs
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Plant Medicine Dietas

Learn how to work with plants at the Spirit level to unlock creativity, wisdom, sensuality, and nourishment on all levels by connecting ancient mystery traditions with modern medicine practices.

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Ā The connection between plant medicine, rites of passage, and embodied women's health is often overlooked, yet is essential to transformation. Ā 


~ Seven Crow ~

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In-person, online, and one-to-one options for deepening your medicine practice.

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Wild Remembrance

Come join us in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru!

This Wild White Rose Dieta willĀ  be paired with Huachuma cactus, and sealed with an Andean style of sweatlode called the Mankapacha.

Come deepen your relationship to the moon, your womb, the Ancestors, and the Wise Woman Archetype.

September 11th - 20th, 2024 - LIMITED SPACES

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Welcome to Wild Woman Medicine!

My name is Seven Crow. I am a Spiritwalker, a Medicine Woman, and a Wild being here to support YOU to Embody Your Medicine!

I am an advocate for women 35 and over to embrace their 40s, the Wild Woman Years, and beyond as a Rite of Passage necessary for Initiation into the Wise Woman Years. Learning about our bodies as they expand and change over time with the help of Sacred Earth Medicines returns us to balance and connection with Pachamama, our communities, other women, and ourselves.

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Mar 18, 2024

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Oct 09, 2023

Entering the Wild Woman Phase of Life

Sep 15, 2023

Program Updates and New Beginnings!!

Aug 23, 2023

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Wild Woman Medicine is...

YOU. It is the portal of transition between the archetypes of Mother and the Wise Woman. She is the Medicine Woman, the Spirit of the Forest, the moon, and She is connected to the cycles of nature. She is the place within you that longs for wisdom, sensuality, empowerment, and magick. In a culture where reaching your 40s and beyond is considered a shameful, useless, and invisible time, women are needed more than ever to step into their Wild to Wise phases.

Embrace your Wild....

She is calling you. Ā 

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