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Your Spirit Medicine Specialist in the Dark.


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Three portals to explore:

Nourish the Spirit
Anatomy of the Dark Body
Gateway to Light

Dream Work

Understand the mystery of dreams, the waking dream, archetypes, practical skills, and the magick of weaving new creations with herbal medicines in conjunction with the Dark Rose. The Sterling or Purple Rose is the essence of the unimaginable. Open yourself up to ALL possibilities with a plant dieta deep dive.

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Consciousness has evolved. Now is the time of the New which is Dark, unfathomable, natural, and within.

Hormone Re-coding

Learn about your unique chemical messengers and how to bring balance into your body via nutrition, herbs, supplements, and consciousness practices in a tilored 1:1 program.


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Upcoming Retreats

Check out our retreats and journey's around the world crafted for your pleasure, evolution, and activation!

NEXT UP: Online Group Retreat - Gateway To Light Shadow Work Program - Starts November 4, 2021


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Musings & Transmissions

Stories & lessons, notions & potions, myths, & magic written with pleasure for your entertainment!


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Welcome to my realm!

I am the Dark Doctor, the Spiritwalker...Seven Crow.


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Wild Woman Medicine

This Facebook Group is a portal into the New Consciousness, removing the Victim and becoming Sovereign in all ways. Learn about Dark Medicine, herbs,  consciousness, plant medicine, energy work, and so much more from the Other Side.


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