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Women dressed in white walking barefoot and silent along an earthy path towards the Rainbow Temple (el templo del arcoiris) outside of Cusco, Peru, reminded me of a Sharon Blackie quote from If Women Rose Rooted.

"Before there was the word, there was the land, and it was made and watched over by women."

As I followed behind the Elder Warawara from the Makapani lineage near Lake Titicaca, walking with her stall adorned with brightly colored ribbons, I felt myself enfolded into history awakening we headed to the Temple to activate the dormant energy. The air felt thick with promise, pregnant with possibilities, and singing with welcome.

Flowers, coca, crystals, prayers, songs, laughter, seeds, feathers, and water from various rivers were given as offerings to the Feminine and Masculine energy of this forgotten house of worship. Bowing with gratitude as I touched the rocks with my bare hands, I could feel the Stones vibrate as the Thunderbird sang in the sky, while the land beneath me opened itself up to receive our prayers.

THIS! I thought as tears sprang from my eyes in gentle rivulets down my sunkissed face.

This way of praying is filled with deep listening that has traversed time and language given to women by Pachamama herself. Remembering is the key. It sings in the blood, the bones, and revels itself in dreams and visions. It is passed on from Wise to Wild Woman, Mother to Maiden in an unbroken line that has been woven in the tapestry of life.

Do you hear it?

She is calling you to return to your roots and rise to join the song of the New Earth!

As my birthday came to a spectacular close, I felt nothing but a familiar hug of women welcoming me home.

It is vital that we women come to understand ourselves in body, mind, and spirit. To step into our lives with sacredness and learn to show up to these Rites of Passage with integrity, curiosity, and compassion. Yet most of us have lost these traditions from our ancestors, our grandmothers, and our mothers, leaving many of us to feel like something is missing. Fear brews inside when we think of aging and the changes that will come over our bodies.

I for one have felt this call from the other side of my moonblood, from Mother and Wild Woman to the Elder, Crone, and Wise Woman self. Learning about potential changes and how to support myself naturally has removed concerns and false information being shared in the field of medicine.  Listening to women's stories and first-hand accounts of what has helped also empowers me as I hold space for her to share and be heard. Working with my ally psilocybin has greatly supported my hormones, moods, appetite, creativity, and the overall lusciousness of my body.

The Path of the Wild & Wise is a three-month journey that teaches you about hormones, neurochemistry, herbs, supplements, diet and gives you practical applications of these in your life. We will talk about the Changing Woman Phases of the Wild Woman & Wise Woman in their challenges and gifts. Understand perimenopause, menopause, limbo, and post-menopause from a Women's Mystery Tradition Perspective as a Rite of Passage and Initiation. Even if you have passed your moonblood years, this valuable course helps you to support others in their journey as an Elder.

There are two options, to go through the group program without microdosing, or by cultivating a relationship with psilocybin through a three-month neuro-hormonal reset. You will have extra support with additional information, classes, and a health form to fill out addressing all herbs, conditions, medications, and concerns, as well as a one-to-one check-in with me. Feel free to reach out with any questions! For more program information --> The Path of the Wild & Wise

Looking forward to the journey with you!

In Wild Health,

Seven Crow

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Her passion is supporting women through Rites of Passage, specifically through what she calls the Wild Woman to Wise Woman Phases of life (otherwise known as Perimenopause & Menopause), through holistic microdosing, nutrition, herbal medicine, and initiation practices from women’s mystery traditions.
A trained medicine carrier of huachuma from the Chavin Tradition, as well as decades working with all types of plant & fungi medicines, she offers ceremonies, training, retreats, and healings, as well as, private sessions online and in-person, group support and continues to be a consultant to numerous businesses, clinics, and retreat centers around the world. Seven has been living between Peru and Mexico since 2012 and continues her studies in medicinal and magical herbs

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