Divinely Inspired Disruptive Elegance

kali magic timeout Mar 24, 2020

I awoke from a dream at 4 am today and was struck by the message being transmitted. It goes like this….I was sitting on a mountainside overlooking a town below, which looked a lot like my old home in Peru. I hear a woman beside me say,

“Do you see the pattern yet?”

Looking next to me is one of my Native American Elders, who has passed away long ago but still visits me in various realms. I realize this is a teaching moment and focus on her only for her skin to morph into green veins, revealing Pachamama as the true speaker. I nod at her question and she answers,

“The Divine Comedy repeats itself.”

Coming fully awake, I realize this whole global shitstorm is an action inspired by the Dark Divine Mother who has, in essence, put us all in a massive Timeout. Given how we have all failed to heed the warnings past, it is no wonder that She has had enough of our inability to listen. As a mother myself, I completely understand this sentiment. Quite frankly it is a little obvious that we helped to engineer this tragedy through our own inability to read the messages before us. Sure governments and a whole slew of corrupt individuals have played their part, and yes I do understand that lives have been lost, and people are terrified by the very real possibility of contracting a highly contagious virus; however, the flip side of this has some pretty powerful benefits for the sentient being we all call Home. This begs to question the whole chicken and egg theory if you know what I mean.

So here is Kali with her Sword of Transformation and the destruction that precludes the rebirth process, and people seem genuinely surprised. Is this not what all the prayers, mantras, kirtans and ceremonies called forth? When you spoke of the proverbial cutting off of the head or sang “burn it all away” in her mantras, did you not see this coming? This very moment in time is the Elegant Disruption of life unfolding around us, encouraging a massive upgrade via a true Awakening for EVERYONE!

In speaking with two very freaked out clients today I asked straight up, well “Do you believe in magic or not? Do you believe in the Divine or not? Do you believe in your own worth or not?” In stepping back from your personal stake to see the overall picture there is a remarkable way that people are showing up for themselves and each other. I see people reevaluating their lives, the paths they are on, their diets, connection to Spirit, and All their relations in ways that have a ripple effect on everything they touch. This is a time to be TRUTHFUL and live in integrity rather than mitigating one’s stance to be palatable to people, who are most likely not willing to hear the difficult parts, preferring to blame others, removing themselves of any responsibility. That kind of thinking is what created this mess in the first place.

I do believe in magic and the Divine wholeheartedly, and I definitely know my worth. Do you? Why are you here? What is your passion? Your purpose? This is YOUR opportunity to level up your skills and commit to a better way of living, and yes, this also means investing in new skills, your health, lifestyle habits, tackling those pesky traumas, drama, and addictions that keep resurfacing. Energy is energy is energy my dears. Contact me for 1-on-1 coaching packages or online training programs. Oha!

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About Seven Crow

Seven Crow has been studying entheogenic plant medicines and healing modalities for 30+ years and is an advocate for creating allyship with plants & fungi and the lands they come from. She has degrees in Chinese medicine, herbalism, acupuncture, Functional Medicine, midwifery, massage, medical qigong, nutrition, and psychological counseling. She has traveled around the world learning about indigenous ways, teaching and working in clinics and retreat centers, attending births, training doulas and herbalists, and helping women embody their health.
Her passion is supporting women through Rites of Passage, specifically through what she calls the Wild Woman to Wise Woman Phases of life (otherwise known as Perimenopause & Menopause), through holistic microdosing, nutrition, herbal medicine, and initiation practices from women’s mystery traditions.
A trained medicine carrier of huachuma from the Chavin Tradition, as well as decades working with all types of plant & fungi medicines, she offers ceremonies, training, retreats, and healings, as well as, private sessions online and in-person, group support and continues to be a consultant to numerous businesses, clinics, and retreat centers around the world. Seven has been living between Peru and Mexico since 2012 and continues her studies in medicinal and magical herbs

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