Releasing the 'Nice Girl' & Embracing the Jaguar Woman

May 25, 2019

Energy has been heavy of late, which has also created some serious boundaries for many of us as a form of prickly protection. As girls we are taught to be nice, pleasing, and give up everything for other’s (family, lovers, children, etc.) as a measure to be considered a ‘good woman’. This way of being mostly leads to depression or resentment, which can express itself though addictions, or after hitting a wall of enough-of-this-crap, an explosion of ‘F*** You!’ that is immediately drenched in waves of guilt after the release. Usually women feel both of these bipolar extremes at some point in their lives. I am fully aware that men also have their own struggles and stereotypes to live up to, and while my heart goes out to them as well for being harmed by the toxic, patriarchal masculine, this post is for my ladies and feminine identified beings.


In spiritual and religious iconography women are painted in two extremes which are pitted against each other; the virgin vs. the whore, the maiden vs. the mother, young vs. old, beautiful vs. ugly, thin vs. fat, blonde vs. brunette, single vs. married, married vs. divorced, and so forth, which is mimicked in social and cultural expectations of women. Even in many of the religious texts women are required to work three times as hard as men to prove their worthiness due to their innate feminine qualities. Women’s ability to bleed with nature’s cycles, give birth, and overall sensual bodies are considered to be dangerous, especially to men, so are treated accordingly. To fall outside of these dichotomies is to be regarded as invisible, yet also potentially a threat to these strict binaries, so the easiest solution is to pit women against themselves and each other.

 I could write volumes on these topics, but today I am going to touch on boundaries as a tool of empowerment.

For far too long women have placed their power outside of themselves, seeking approval from men or masculine lineages to give them spiritual connection and worth. This is incredibly ironic as women are innately spiritual due to their connection to nature’s cyclical rhythms, ability to grow life within their bodies, nourish a growing human from their flesh, and travel freely between the realms of life and death.

Yet they have been taught to fear these gifts in each other and themselves as a pretty impressive divide-and-conquer tactic. More and more women are waking up to this brainwashing with a resounding enough-is-enough creating waves of rage to flood the Matrix. We see it in the news as women stand up against government injustices, become entrepreneurs, question their sexuality, communicate with their partners about taboo subjects, fight for equal rights and pay, but also in the way women are calling out toxic friendships or family members, as well as the shockingly accepted forms of alcoholism (mommy juice anyone?).


To say ‘no more’ and not apologize is a radical step in breaking apart the stereotypes that have ALL of us in chains. Pachamama, Earth Herself, is calling on this intense energy to motivate everyone to Rise Up and be better versions of themselves. The way we treat our Mother Earth is a direct reflection of how we treat women in general, as though she is there for the taking, with an endless supply of whatever we want or can get, regardless of how it affects her. That’s cold.

This is why I work with Jaguar Woman Spirit Medicine. She is the Mother who walks-between-the-worlds, the Guardian of the Underworld & Shadowlands, and the embodiment of sensual confidence mixed with wisdom, who never takes more than she needs or apologizes for her actions.

She is one with Nature, a huntress but also a protector. It is exhausting to doubt oneself all the time, and this questioning on top of constant people pleasing creates more disconnection from our true wild nature. To understand what lights you up, inspires action, is dangerous to your health, or requires more effort than it is worth is not just an act of discernment, it is an atunement to the language of Spirit guiding your path to wholeness. This means that sometimes we have to say farewell to the people that drain us, or leave a job that sucks our life-force away, or scream back-the F-up if we are not being respected. Sure there are kind ways to do this, but if you have been cornered repeatedly, then honor that too, as the kindness will come with time as your boundaries are clearer.

Lately my relationship to the Jaguar Spirit has gone deeper, giving me gifts and challenges I know I can handle with Her by my side. This can look like life as I know it falling apart, thus making space for the new vibrations and opportunities to take up residence. The more I trust Her, the more I trust myself, after all, She is Me. 

OHA!!  - Seven Crow

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About Seven Crow

Seven Crow has been studying entheogenic plant medicines and healing modalities for 30+ years and is an advocate for creating allyship with plants & fungi and the lands they come from. She has degrees in Chinese medicine, herbalism, acupuncture, Functional Medicine, midwifery, massage, medical qigong, nutrition, and psychological counseling. She has traveled around the world learning about indigenous ways, teaching and working in clinics and retreat centers, attending births, training doulas and herbalists, and helping women embody their health.
Her passion is supporting women through Rites of Passage, specifically through what she calls the Wild Woman to Wise Woman Phases of life (otherwise known as Perimenopause & Menopause), through holistic microdosing, nutrition, herbal medicine, and initiation practices from women’s mystery traditions.
A trained medicine carrier of huachuma from the Chavin Tradition, as well as decades working with all types of plant & fungi medicines, she offers ceremonies, training, retreats, and healings, as well as, private sessions online and in-person, group support and continues to be a consultant to numerous businesses, clinics, and retreat centers around the world. Seven has been living between Peru and Mexico since 2012 and continues her studies in medicinal and magical herbs

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