The Return of the Dark Mother

ayahuasca dark dark mother kali plant medicine Mar 24, 2020

In some recent posts, I talked about the Dark Mother as the one who has put us in a collective Timeout for our Realm-wide shenanigans. As we can see it has been highly beneficial to Her in improved air quality, the return of various animals, and cleaner water in the city’s channels. Obviously giving the Great Mother a break to heal, have a cuppa, make some love, or delight in other desires was necessary for the benefit of all. However, my choice in using the word ‘Dark’ related to Her has caused some interesting conversations during this time of the unknown, revealing a deeper fear lurking under the hood of human consciousness, so allow me to elaborate.

Let me first say that I am fascinated by symbols, myths, and stories of Gods and Goddess, who are in essence the Superhero’s in the Story of Life, as well as the lessons of the human experience. The Divinity conversation has many variations but generally, fall’s into one of two categories, Loads of Beings or an All-One Being, which I am not going to get into the nooks and crannies of as this would become a book and not just a blog post. For my part, I am from the camp that both ideas exist simultaneously, which sounds paradoxical yet works perfectly for my understanding of energy, chaos, and magic. Again, this is another topic for future musings.

Let’s face it, since the beginning of time many humans have been terrified of the mystery the lack of light brings. The Dark has many associations, such as the unknown, chaos, evil, unpredictable, transformation, death, race, skin color, witchcraft, occult, nighttime, and so forth. In Taoist philosophy and Chinese medicine the dark is associated with the yin and the feminine, darkness, heaviness, negative, downward, and odd. However, throughout history, the Dark Feminine has been painted with a wide range of qualities such as vengeful, strong but angry, powerful enough to rise from the dead and travel to the underworld (Inanna & Demeter), mysterious, guide of the crossroads between the worlds, life, death, & rebirth/childbirth (Hekete, Crows), compassionate, and a whole slew of other contradictory, yet all-encompassing ideas. The numbers of different Dark Mother Goddesses & Divine Beings are too many to list, but below I talk about a couple of the currently relevant and more controversial of the Dark Queens.

Throughout the Mythtimes, her stories have been passed down in various forms, yet the reigning Queen of badass herself, Kali, is the most widely known across the world. The Hindu Mother of Transformation, Destruction & Rebirth, is usually depicted quite intensely with blood and skulls surrounding her, standing on a dead Shiva with her tongue sticking out, invoking fear and curiosity at a glance. This imagery, while bold in making a point, is actually only a part of the Dark Mother’s repertoire.

The next well-known and revered Dark Being is Ayahuasca, The Mother of All Plants and the Great Vine of Death, whom we imbibe to enter the Medicine Lands. This is usually done in the dark, taking you through the Dark Portal into the Shadow Lands and through your own Magical Consciousness. Here you meet Ancestors, Aliens, Spirit Guides, and Elders, Realm hop to new territories, and break down horrifying habits that have taken the form of entities and demons for you to battle for your personal evolution. All the traumas and dramas coming out to play on the landscape of your inner eyesight, encouraging you to Master your energy through submitting to the larger player here, your own Magical Divinity. Ironically, the amount of times I have heard Kali’s mantras sung with reverence with an invitation to cut off their heads for enlightenment, in plant medicine ceremonies is astronomical and highly amusing.

The fact is, these two Great Dark Mothers have been brought together by the world of Love & Light, which is so hilarious given the amount of disrespect shown to Her over the years by shamans (usually male) hell-bent on domesticating her wild, sensual chaos into ordered, meditative, still, Light, the antithesis of her True Nature. However, never for a moment think the governments are left off the hook, as this whole disruptive disorder has been divinely inspired for sure, and will reveal itself in time. So here we stand in Her poetic justice, sent to our rooms in order for her to have some much-needed downtime to do whatever it takes for her to thrive again, regardless of the effect on us individually or collectively. The reality is that this is also what ‘unconditional love’ looks like, and not only the all-compassionate-take-everything-from-me doormat of a mother she has been painted as for so long.

In reality, to meet a Goddess of this caliber means meeting your death with integrity by facing all of your Shadows, usually at once and on repeated occasions, in order to rise from the ashes anew. She is literally the embodiment of transformation through the chaotic and potentially violent destruction of life, as you know it, as anyone who has drunk Ayahuasca can attest to. And now She has risen, hearing our songs and noticing Her messages went unheeded, she has revealed herself as a new test of our personal standards. Will you step into your most magical self, recognizing your own divinity, taking personal responsibility of your life, or will you keep running around like misbehaving & entitled children looking for someone else to solve your problems?

Recognize that fear porn is the new virus that is corrupting your true nature, inhibiting your ability to co-create reality into a Divine playground. The fear of your own Shadow has been transferred to the Dark, over years of suppression and lack of trust in your own Divine nature. The suppression of the Divine Feminine’s creative, sensual, transformative, and destructive side via turning her into an all-loving incubator has ruined our ability to love ourselves, men & women, or to have any respect for Her, the place we all call home. She is so much more than a blissed-out Earth-mama or a raging bitch, but a powerful combination unseen for quite some time. The balance of our relations has been so thrown off that pitting light versus dark, masculine versus feminine, men versus women, skin color, race, etc., has become commonplace and far too overplayed. This duality of these energies is robbing us of the very awareness that life is actually ‘both/and’ simultaneously.


The fear of the Dark is really just fear of our own true nature which can be seen in the co-opting of, or reaction to, the various manifestations of Her rituals and stories. The monthly moon rituals of women, Moontime blood rituals, Ayahuasca ceremonies (usually taking place in the dark), Temezcal/Sweatlodge (reminiscent of the Womb of the Mother), the Night (usually seen as Feminine), The Black Madonna, the Crone, Hekate, Witchcraft, the deep dark ocean, the list goes on. Truthfully, the Dark is not the problem, it is the Shadow that covers the Light of our Magic, denying its own power. The Dark is where the Magic is created in the Cauldron of Nothing channeling down the Birth Canal of your Divine Nature, and giving way to the Light of your Manifestation. You can literally create whatever you can imagine, providing you have cleared the Shadow. So what is Shadow? The traumas, dramas, and stories you tell yourself from the white lies to the larger Myths of your creation, or the ones passed down through your Ancestors and lineages, coding your DNA with all the things you have to do in order to be free, completely missing the point that you already are! You are the Magic and Medicine you seek! I know, easier said than Known, yet the first step is showing up to the commitment. So, are you brave enough to play the game and embrace the Dark?

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