Mapping Earth & Sky 

Medical Astrology, Herbal Medicine, and Chinese Medicine for Holistic Wellness

One-to-one Programs, Microdosing, and Plant Dietas Tailored to YOUR Soul Path


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What is Mapping Earth & Sky?

In Ancient cultures such as Asia, the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Europe, the use of astrology has been a standing practice of understanding the seasonal cycles, the qualities of different herbs and flora, when to plant, when to harvest, when to make or apply medicine, best times for treatments or rituals, and how to do these things in a relational way between the human, Earth, Sky, and Plant Nations. Observing that we are not separate from nature, but rather we are a part of it, allows for deeper spiritual and physical connections to be made between All Our Relations.

In addition to the natal chart, I include a Chinese Medicine lens based on Taoism, which contains organ & meridian systems, the elements, and the current environmental location into the holistic view of a person's soul journey. When viewing all of these elements, I get a clearer sense of specific herbs, foods, and practices that support your health. Not all plant journeys or herbal medicines fit everyone! So understanding your base constitution with its unique challenges and gifts allows for faster results and a more meaningful connection to your path!

Medical Astrology & Astro-herbalism:

These two practices are similar but also mutually exclusive. Medical Astrology is the practice of looking at a person's natal chart to determine health and wellness. From here a doctor or health practitioner will create a protocol which includes foods, practices, flower essences, oils, or other natural medicines to support the strengths and weaknesses found.

Astro-herbalism, on the other hand, works with astrology principles as a way to understand plants and fungi through their relationship with Earth & Sky. This sets the foundation for diagnostics of a person and the formulas they may need based on the energetic synergy between the two.

Chinese Medicine also includes the elements, meridians, and organ systems in order to diagnose illness, learn a person's base constitution, strengthen weakness, and harmonize the body. Some benefits of these modalities when used together:

🌀 Specific foods, herbs & supplements best for supporting your constitution or  balancing challenges

🌀 Better for hormonal balancing, mental health, weight loss, and sleep issues

🌀 Aligned microdosing & plant dietas that are distinct to your soul's journey

🌀 Supportive to the aging and evolutionary process of life

What is the purpose of combining microdosing and astro-herbal?

Microdosing is everywhere and for good reason! People experience an increase in focus, creativity, and cognition, a decrease in physical symptoms such as depression, premenstrual issues, and pain, as well as weight loss, and a deeper connection to family, friends, one's life path, and the Universe/Spirit/Great Mystery/God, etc.

When this practice is combined with a deep dive of a particular plant, often called a "dieta" in South American shamanic traditions, the two plants amplify each other for greater physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits. Plants are chosen in a multitude of ways, however in astro-herbalism I look at your natal chart and together we choose a direction.

🌿 Are you looking for something to strengthen your overall constitution?

🌿 Do you want a plant that is specific to your Soul's Journey?

🌿 Do you have a chronic ailment or condition you would like to heal or have support with?

🌿 Is there a plant that interests you and you are interested in knowing what part of your chart it pertains to?

The possibilities are endless! On top of this, the evidence of microdosing lowering cortisol, increasing serotonin, and renewing neuroplasticity is overwhelming positive, pointing towards increased overall well-being! The studies done on cognition, Alzheimer's, and memory reveal that microdosing helps to create new neural pathways, even as we age, alleviating anxiety and depression. While the field is new and expanding with findings all the time, microdosing is a safe and effective way to create healthy changes in your life by becoming familiar with the medicine in small doses, especially if you are on medications or other supplements.

It is important to note that this will be a very small dose that will not disrupt your daily life! You will be cultivating allyship, AND have support through the process as things arise, as well as additional material in PDF format to download. Please feel free to ask any questions!

Crafting "allyship" with plant medicines

Allyship is creating a relationship with the plant or fungi. This means getting to know it on multiple levels and allowing the plant to guide you through a direct conversation. It means creating a sacred container for the Spirit Medicine to work with your own Spirit in communication. This approach is no different than how you would show up for a ceremony. 

You wouldn’t walk up to someone you just met and ask them to do many things for you, so why would you do this with plant spirits?

When a person is not getting the desired results or is feeling worse, there are a few things that could be happening. Maybe the dose is not correct, or you are eating foods, supplements, or herbs that inhibit the absorption of the medicine, perhaps you have a hormonal imbalance, or your spiritual connection to the plant/fungi is lacking. All of these contribute to the kind of transformation you will receive.

My method of holistic micro-dosing combined with natal chart evaluation supports your journey by examining all of your energetic bodies and tailoring the program to your unique needs. What is happening in your physical body affects the sexual, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your being, and vice versa. By creating allyship with the plant or fungi, you hone your intuition, heal your body, and trust your path, rewiring yourself at the deepest levels.

By showing up with sacred alignment you have created a guide who you can feel supporting you! A relationship rooted in mutual trust and understanding is how you will hear what they have to say. This is the ancient way.

What's Included:

🌿 Birth/Natal Chart review for Body & Soul Wellness

🌿 In-depth health evaluation, including supplements, medications, and herbs taken

🌿 Preparation for the one-to-one protocol, dieta &/or microdosing, with personalized support for dosages

🌿 An understanding of medical astrology and astro-herbalism and how to work with it daily in your life

🌿 Recorded calls and downloadable notes for future use

🌿 In-depth material on the medicinal, TCM, and spiritual properties of the plants your work with in the advanced programs

🌿 Nutritional guidelines that support your constitution

🌿 Practices for Speaking with Plants to create Allyship

🌿 Expert Guidance & Support

"We have calcium in our bones, iron in our veins, carbon in our souls, and nitrogen in our brains. 93 percent stardust, with souls made of flames, we are all just stars that have people names.”

~ Nikita Gill

Program Options Here

Mapping Earth & Sky Consultation


Simple Protocol

  • Review of Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Elementals, & Modes of Your Natal Chart Constitution
  • Review of Health Form
  • Your Monthly Lunar Return Phase & Energy
  • One 60-minute Recorded Call
  • Basic Herbal & Nutritional Guidelines for Overall Health

Mapping Earth & Sky Formula


Protocol + Formula

  • Review of Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Elementals, & Modes of Your Natal Chart Constitution
  • Review of Health Form
  • Your Monthly Lunar Return Phase & Energy
  • Two 60-minute Recorded Calls
  • Basic Herbal & Nutritional Guidelines for Overall Health
  • One focus or plant medicine focus

Mapping Earth & Sky Complete


More Focused Protocol + Formula

  • Review of Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Elementals, & Modes of Your Natal Chart Constitution
  • Review of Health Form
  • Your Monthly Lunar Return Phase & Energy
  • Three 60-minute Recorded Calls
  • Basic Herbal & Nutritional Guidelines for Overall Health
  • One focus or plant medicine focus
  • Issue Specific

Mapping Earth & Sky with Microdosing


6 Week 1:1 Program

  • Review of your health & natal charts for your intention
  • Four recorded 90 minute zoom calls
  • One plant specific to you with a PDF of the plant's medicinal and shamanic properties
  • Create Allyship with a plant specific to your needs
  • Physical practices & journal prompts for your journey
  • Microdosing Medicine Included

Tara ~ USA

Microdosing & Menstrual Awareness Coach 

Working with my natal chart alongside a microdosing program with a plant specific to my needs was LIFE CHANGING! Not only was Seven's wisdom profound but her witty, intelligent, and kind soul created a space for me to go deep into my own healing without feeling judged. I found layers to myself I didn't know I was holding and released them with ease.

Learning about my constitution from this combined standpoint gave me clarity in areas of my health and nutrition I had been confused about. Having tried many different modalities, I can say that her unique approach combining Chinese medicine, psychedelics, herbs, astrology, and channel theory was mind-blowingly on point! Highly recommended!

Sanna ~ UK

Nurse Practitioner

As a medically trained person who is scientifically minded, I am eternally grateful for Seven's wide breadth of knowledge, skill level, and experience. She has a gift for merging modern and ancient wisdom is a way that makes complete sense with practical applications.

My skepticism around plant and fungi medicines as adequate support modalities for perimenopausal symptoms quickly shifted as my sleep and concentration improved. The when she layered herbs and supplements into the mix with expert awareness, my hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and mood swings abated. I am deeply grateful for my time with Seven and highly recommend her to everyone.

Mimi ~ Australia

Health Coach & Herbalist

I completed the six-week microdosing journey with a plant specific dieta after doing the Mapping Earth & Sky Holiday Special Consultation. I was astounded by the connection between my body, the plants, astrology, and Chinese medicine that Seven made in our session.

Having been on many dietas before in the Amazonian jungle, I liked the idea of doing one at home with support combined with microdosing. This program exceeded my expectations! I felt the connection to the plant and loved that it was based on my constitutional needs. Seven gave me practices to work with and integration techniques to support continued work with the plant. This is a must take journey for anyone interested in plants and personal wellness. Thank you Seven!

Seven Crow has been studying entheogenic plant medicines and healing modalities for 30+ years and is an advocate for creating allyship with plants & fungi and the lands they come from. She has degrees in Chinese medicine, herbalism, acupuncture, Functional Medicine, midwifery, massage, medical qigong, nutrition, and psychological counseling. She has traveled around the world learning about indigenous ways, teaching and working in clinics and retreat centers, attending births, training doulas and herbalists, and helping women embody their health.

Her passion is supporting women through Rites of Passage, specifically through what she calls the Wild Woman to Wise Woman Phases of life (otherwise known as Perimenopause & Menopause), through holistic microdosing, nutrition, herbal medicine, and initiation practices from women’s mystery traditions.

A trained medicine carrier of huachuma from the Chavin Tradition, as well  as decades working with all types of plant & fungi medicines, she offers ceremonies, trainings, retreats, and healings, as well as, private sessions online and in person, group support and continues to be a consultant to numerous businesses, clinics, and retreat centers around the world. Seven has been living between Peru and Mexico since 2012 and continues her studies in medicinal and magical herbs.