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Online, one-to-one, group, and self-study courses, programs, mentorship, and services specific to plant & herbal medicine!

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Reishi Soft Dieta with Microdosing

This is a 6-week group immersion designed to create allyship with the Mushroom of Immortality to understand the Path of Wisdom.  

What you'll receive:

  • Group work
  • Reishi Soft Dieta & informational deep dive
  • 1000 Hands Buddha Qigong class, PDF, & Video
  • Learn about the Wisdom Archetype
  • Six 90-minute live calls, recorded & downloadable
  • PDFs of materials & journal questions 
  • Microdosing Medicine Included
  • Expert Guidance

Begins January 11th, 2024

***This is a NON-Refundable program


The Path of the Wild & Wise

A 6-week online immersion on the Phases of the Changing Woman's Life. Understand the roles of perimenopause & menopause as Rites of Passage, while also learning foods, herbs, and practices to support these transitions. You will also commune with the mushroom of Immortality; Reishi in a soft dieta.

There is an upgrade option to microdose with a master plant medicine to create allyship, improve creativity, and alleviate health issues! This is a comprehensive and active Group Program starting:

November 1st, 2023 - December 13th, 2023! (1 week off for the holiday)

* Limited Spaces*

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Re-coding with Microdosing

Create allyship with plant medicines through microdosing in this modern-day vision quest to reset your nervous system, connect with nature, detoxify your body, and remove triggers. This holistic approach to changing your maps of consciousness through an archetypal lens is tailored to you for ultimate transformation!

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Plant Medicine Allyship

This is an in-depth educational course that teaches you how to work with microdosing as a allyship. Learn contraindications, how the medicine works in the body-mind, the importance of diet, what to look out for, practices to support integration, and preparation to journey. Only one medicine will be taught at a time, 2 month minimum commitment. Choose:

  • Psilocybin with various stacking methods
  • Huachuma/San Pedro
  • Ayahuasca Vine & Brew
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Cacao Allyship

Cacao is considered the "Bliss Molecule" and has numerous benefits to support your daily life. Learn the story of Cacao, her medicine attributes, contraindications, recipes, how to hold a ceremony, and learn a song for honoring her.

What you'll get:

  • Downloadable PDF course with history, contraindications, and medicinal benefits
  • One 60-minute 1:1 session
  • How to hold a ceremony
  • Recipes with different properties

PDF + One 60 minute session


Awaken Your Dream Medicine

This is a mini-course on lucid dreaming, supportive herbs, and dream interpretation. Dreams are an incredible way to connect with your Spirit nature, uncover hidden triggers and resources, as well as boost creativity, intuition, and otherworldy experiences.

What you'll get:

  • Downloadable PDF Course
  • Knowledge of Dream Herbs & Supplements
  • Practices to help you remember your dreams
  • Practices for Lucid Dreaming
  • A 60-minute recorded downloadable 1:1 class

PDF + One 60 minute session


Rose Medicine Dietas

Create Allyship with the Rose! Different colored roses have different energies and teachings. Work with one rose individually in order to connect to the Divine Feminine, the Sacred Archetypes of the Priestess, Queen, Witch, & Wise Woman.
~ Pink is for self-love & the Priestess
~ Purple/Sterling is for dreams & the Witch
~ Red is for passion, strength, & the Queen
~ White is for shadow work & the Wise Woman
Self-study, one-to-one, and group options available.

Client Consultations

I offer consultations on your clients for microdosing or ceremonies in various medicine. With multiple medical degrees and 33 years of working with plant medicines, I am uniquely qualified to look over your health and medical forms regarding health issues, medicine contraindications, and dosage of plant medicines.

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Wild Woman Medicine is...

YOU. It is the portal of transition between the archetypes of Mother and the Wise Woman. She is the Medicine Woman, the Spirit of the Forest, the moon, and She is connected to the cycles of nature. She is the place within you that longs for wisdom, sensuality, empowerment, and magick. She is calling to you.  

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