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Upcoming Retreats

Reclaiming the Temple
June 2020

Join us in Oaxaca, Mexico for a journey to awaken your Medicine Woman Wisdom. Apply the deeper teachings of The Path of the Evolutionary Priestess, fused with ancient shamanic healing ceremonies, plant medicine meditations, and sacred sites.  Please subscribe to our mailing list for updates and early bird discounts!!

Heart of the Jaguar
December 2020

Join us in the Yucatán, Mexico for a journey to the Heart of Jaguar Spirit Medicine. Deepen your own shamanic practice and personal healing with a series of ceremonies, yoga and meditation, and visits to the Jaguar Temple. Please subscribe to our mailing list for updates and early bird discounts!!

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My passion is helping awakening beings to embody the fullness of their Wisdom, Power, & Magic, connect with their Spirit Medicine, and align with their Soul's Sacred Mission.

Working with the Elements & The Sacred Medicine Wheel means purifying your temple and activating your Spirit connection, so you can receive the full transmission of the awakening Ancient Divine Wisdom

The Age of The Creatrix is upon us!  Unfortunately, many people are not actually EMBODIED, due to over-emasculated spiritual philosophies of the old paradigm. Many people are bypassing the wisdom of the The Great Mother which is the foundational step to feminine & masculine embodiment and healing for all.

The Wise Women Collective provides weekly trainings to ReWild your being, connect with Ancient Wisdom from around the world, co-create community, and teach you to embody your unique Spirit Medicine!  Please join us!!


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